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You can attach multiple domains to a server.

You can specify a template by which the domain will be searched.

"servers": {
    "s1": {
        "domains": [

The search is performed by the value of the Host HTTP header. If the header is empty or missing, the client will receive a 404 Not found response.

Wildcard names

A wildcard name can only contain an asterisk at the beginning or end of the name, and only on a period boundary.

The names and w* are invalid. However, these names can be specified using regular expressions, such as www(.+) and ^w(.*)$. An asterisk can match multiple parts of a name. The name * matches not only but also

Regular expression names

The regular expressions used by cpdy are compatible with the expressions used in the Perl Programming Language (PCRE). For example, ^www\d+\.example\.net$.

Released under the MIT License.